not a care in the world

not a care in the world

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Well since I'm changing my blog a little I'm going to be writing about all types of things.
So got home from work and had to start on dinner right away my kiddies were super hungry.  I had some pork loin ribs in the fridge that needed to be cooked so Google I searched.
I can across and found a quick bbq recipient that turned out fantastic if I don't say so myself. 
Along with the ribs I made home made mashed potatoes with cheese, sour cream and cream cheese as well as biscuits. Now I don't have things together enough to make dessert but hopefully I will soon.

common sense

How is it possible for a city with two casinos to go broke?? Why would you spend so much money to obtain and build something without having the funds to keep it maintained??? Well this city has managed to do it.
     Their parks are crumbling, buildings are becoming dilapidated and no one seems to realize that if we don't start making some changes these "precious" landmarks aren't going to last.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What Have You Been Doing Lately????

what have you been doing lately????

have you thought about others??? and have you given back to the community, or even just one homeless person????

in a time where the economy is getting worse, despite their predictions, and people are finding it harder to provide for themselves, are you honestly helping someone??? on the T.V. they show all these programs about starving people, and poor living conditions in a third world country somewhere.... But what about the starving people, and poor living conditions right here in the U.S.????

Do you honestly look around you??? I don't mean just in your neighborhood, but in those neighborhoods you don't wanna go into.... now mind you yes some choose to live that way and could do better if they actually tried, but what about those who have no hope of getting out of the mess they're in??? and yes it is good to go to your local soup kitchen and help out, but have you ever had a conversation with them that was 30 minutes or longer???? have you heard their story, why they are were they are??? what if you where in that situation??? would you want someone to talk to you, to spend just a half an hour with you learning who you are???

well it was just something that was going through my head as I'm listening to the rain thinking about a nice guy i might while walking through the woods who was living out there... and was trying to get out but was having obstacles to climb over......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a look at people these days

today i was driving my mom and brother home during the high school rush.... which i should have known was going to be a mistake, but of course like always i didn't remember.... so i get to a green light and kids and adults are just walking out in front of the cars... there is no looking, no waiting for the on coming traffic to have a red light, just walking right in front of them..... then you have the ambulance who was trying to get over the bridge and none of the traffic getting out of the way.... and to top it off when the ambulance finally got through the mess of cars, the cars started to cut each other off.... i have thought about it for a little bit today and I've realised that no one has common courtesy any more.... everyone has to be first and no one better get in their way..... why have people evolved to this???? no one holds doors for anyone, no one lets someone who has less go in the check out line first, and god forbid you actually need something because most will look at you funny and turn away.... if there is hope out there for people to be civilized again or you have actually seen someone do something nice for someone other than because they have to, please tell them thank you..... at least for me...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a cat fight for

ok so yesterday..... i had to take matt to work with me while my mom stayed home sick.... while taking the dogs and my many bags.... so wouldnt you know that it had to be an interesting day.... and i bet you that it was only because matt stayed home from school and my mom didnt come in.... well before i even reached the front door mark had to talk to me in the middle of the street.... and when i asked him if he could at least wait til i got inside to talk to me he got mad.... that was a perfect start... so his story was that this "big bald guy" down the hall from him cursed him out for not holding the elevator.... but that mark called him a princess and a pussy.... so the "big bald guy" threatened him..... ok so it sound believable.... ive never known justin "the big bald guy" to go off on anyone for anything so i went on with my day..... come to find out that carmen witnessed the whole thing and was in the elevator with mark..... it wasnt justin who was in the wrong at all..... mark did get into the elevator and did close the doors on justin and justin did yell through the closed doors "you couldve held the door" well thats when mark started..... oh my gosh cursed justin out..... and the bad thing was that justin took the stairs so he got down to the first floor the same time mark did.... mark decided to fallow justin out and to continue to yel and curse at him... calling him more names and when he called justin a pussy again justin told him that if he didnt chill out that he was going to beat his ass...... and mind you justin is at least 2 times the size of mark.... but maybe mark was trying to make up for the fact that everyone knows that his girlfriend makes him cry.... i dont know what ever his problem was he probably needs to fix it because next time i dont think justins going to let it go.....